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What Did You Do For The First Time At Sleepaway Camp?

There were two types of people who went to sleepaway camp. Some came back with a first kiss, first something else? or something else scandalous happening. Then there were the other people who went rock climbing for the first time or water skiing! Both sound like fun right?!

Today we asked our listeners what first they had at sleepaway camp good or bad and the answers were hilarious! One user on Instagram writes, "Changed my name to Misty and spoke like a valley girl. Seemed like a good idea at the time." Another tells a crazy story, "I was sleeping on the bottom bunk and the top bunk mattress was sagging into my space so I pulled my knees in and lifted my feet up and and in a split-second I extended my legs, making contact with the sagging mattress above and launched the person sleeping on the top bunk out of bed and across the room onto the floor. Whoops."

We even had someone call in and tell us about how she walked in on two counselors DOING IT!!

Listen below to the sleepaway camp stories some of us have as well as our listeners!

Photo: Getty