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Pennsylvania Boy Holds Sign Every Day In Honor Of Chadwick Boseman

Listener Kristy Sholley lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and she wanted me to share this fantastic example of how any one person, can make a difference to many.

Kristy was on her way to work, when she pulled up at a busy intersection, and saw a man totally alone holding a sign that read “I VALUE YOU” on one side, and “YOU’RE SO IMPORTANT” on the other. All in big bold letters. It absolutely made her morning. When he was at the same spot with the same sign the next day, she smiled at him and waved frantically, and he did the same back. She said it was like being smiled at by the sun, so warm and bright.

It turns out, this guy is kind of a local hero now. His name is Jordan Dandy, and he feels that his purpose on earth is to love in a way that is tangible, so people can feel valued. He wants people to have some sort of light in the midst of all we are going through as a country.

He was devastated when his personal hero, Chadwick Boseman passed away, so he decided to do something- anything to give people hope. And that’s when he came up with his sign, which he holds every day.

This may sound like a little task, but it left a lasting impression on Kristy, and I am sure hundreds of others. I hope he feels accomplished and valued.

Photo: Kristy Sholley