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Florida Senior Living Community Is Surprised By Puppies Coming To Visit

This is a story Froggy sent me! Now, can you just imagine looking out your window, and seeing a parade of happy dogs. Wouldn’t that just make your day?!

Well that’s what happened at Starling Senior Living Community in Nocatee, Florida. There’s a group called K9 For Warriors, and what they do it train shelter dogs to become service animals for veterans!

SO this was kind of a double whammy day, in that the seniors got to have their week brightened by interacting with some adorable dogs, while the organization simultaneously got to spend time training these cuties!

The residents got to remain safely in their rooms, and a trainer would pull up next to the window and have play time through the glass. Super safe, super adorable. One of the trainers even said these dogs really gift hope, love, and understanding. And I’m very glad those residents got that joy!

Watch the video and see photos here!

Photo: Getty