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Man's Dying Wish Is To See Son's Football Game, Nurse Finds Private Place

Well, listener Marisa Cellucci gone and done it- she sent me a Feel Goods submission that literally made me cry!

Jerree Humphrey is a hospice nurse at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, and started taking care of 50-year-old Scott Sullivan. He was diagnosed with a cancer so severe, that at first he was given only about 1 week to live.

After returning home where he could be taken care of peacefully, Scott told his nurse Jerree he had one last wish, and that was to see his son Cade play high school football in an upcoming game, one last time.

Unfortunately, that was a three-and-a-half-hour drive, and doctors said that was too long for Scott to be on the road in his condition.Well, thankfully that answer wasn’t good enough for Jerree, and she became hellbent on getting Scott to his boy’s game. She reached out to a nearby airport, and days later was contacted by a local dentist who offered to fly Scot there on his personal plane.

And so it was! Scott sat safely on a hill away from the rest of the fans (to keep himself safe), and watched Cade play his game. At the end, the two had a super emotional hug, and I can’t imagine anything more important that Jeree could have done with her time. She gave those boys a priceless gift.

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