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Texan Teacher Uses Her Own Money To Create Library In Her Own Garage

You know us, we love our teachers!

Meghan Ford wanted me to shine a light on a local teacher in her area, near Austin, Texas.

Jennifer Martin is an elementary school teacher, and wants her students to have a passion for reading when they grow up. The only problem is, to develop that passion, you USUALLY have to start as a kid…..and the closest library to students in her area was 15 miles away!

She lives near about 50% of the elementary school students and thought it was so nuts that access to books outside of school was so far away. SO, Jennifer started to use her own money to create a library in her very own garage. She’s been at it for years, and currently has over 1,500 books!

Jennifer has spent an insurmountable load of cash on all of these books but says it is all worth it, and has been heaven-sent to the kids in her community thanks to COVID. Any student can come check out 2 books on the honor system and bring them back whenever they are done reading.

Thank you so Jennifer and all teachers who go the extra mile!

Photo: Getty