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Dr. Oz Says We Must Avoid ‘Super Spreader Events’ As We Head Into Winter

Currently in season 12 of his own show, Dr. Oz has just signed on to do season 13 and 14 of The Dr. Oz Show, plus we'll be seeing his name on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame soon! However even with all this great news, Dr. Oz is still out here trying to inform us all how to be healthy during this pandemic, fix or maintain a good night's sleep and keep us informed on the ever changing COVID-19 information.

Half of everyone gained weight while the other half is in the best shape of their life, Dr. Oz jokes on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. "The real reason people gained weight was because they were stressed out," he explains further.

As far as mental affects from the virus, Dr. Oz explains how important it is to go out, "you're definitely hurting them," Dr. Oz says about kids staying home instead of going to school and he says you can definitely do it safely. "Wear masks and avoid super spreader events," Dr. Oz says, "Avoid crowding into places that are not well ventilated," especially with strangers or people that you are unsure are being safe.

Dr. Oz also talks the importance of sleep and tips for how to get a good night's rest as well as why it is so important to have more black doctors working in healthcare. Watch his full interview with Elvis Duran above!

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