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18-Year-Old Saves Mother And Three Children From Burning Car

Amanda Milton sent me over a great story about 18-year-old Justin Gavin in Connecticut who is genuinely a freaking hero!

The other day he was walking down the street, when he noticed a car was burning, and there was a woman inside. Instead of just calling for help, he decided to disregard his own safety and ran over to the car to see if he could help.

And thank goodness for that….because when Justin ran over to pull her out he noticed 3 children in the back seat, INCLUDING a 1-year-old!

As the fire was growing Justin stuck around and got every member of that family out of the car in time, which the woman driving says is the reason they are all still here today.

The local police chief gave Justin a “challenge coin” as a token of the department’s appreciation, which is only given to someone who commits a heroic act and proves themselves to be a great member of this community.

Photo: Getty