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Demi Lovato’s Collaboration With Marshmello Is 4 Years In The Making

It's Ok Not To Be Ok, a new song by Demi Lovato and Marshmello that came out on National Suicide Prevention Day. "We wanted to create something that had a really meaningful message," says Demi on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Monday September 14th.

"I'm just so grateful," Demi tells Elvis when asked about this song. She reveals to the show that her and Marshmello have been trying to collaborate for '3 or 4 years now,' so when they did come together for this project about a year ago they, 'had it saved in the bank.' Demi continues, "I’m so excited about it cause the message couldn’t be more perfect for the time that this is."

Demi goes on to explain that she "knew from a young age," that she was "given a platform to use for much more than music and singing." When she was 18 and went into her first treatment for 'mental health issues' she didn't want to live in fear of speaking out. "I’m really happy this song was able to have a positive message and bring good in people’s lives."

Hear Demi Lovato's full interview with Elvis Duran above as well as check her song and music video for It's Ok Not To Be Ok available now.