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90-Year-Old Is Reunited With First Love- His Motorcycle

Gandhi sent me this story and it is absolutely precious!

Ninety-year-old Bill Zandbelt was going through a tough time a while back- his wife of nearly 60-years, Wilhelmina, had recently passed away, and she was his best friend throughout his life.

He did however, have a different best friend as a kid, before he even met her. It was a 1956 DKW motorcycle, and it was the OG love of his life.

He owned this motorcycle when he married his bride, and has a photo of the two of them leaning against the bike. However shortly after he left his home in Holland and moved to Canada, and consequently left his beloved bike behind.

Well, his son Vince works with motorcycles, knew how important this bike was to his father, and actually managed to track it down!

After 60 years apart, right before what would have been his 60th wedding anniversary, Vince reunited his father with his original best friend.

This reaction video is BEAUTIFUL and you have to go to here to check it out.

I don’t know that either of my parents had an item in their lives that was as important to them as this bike was to Bill, but I’m sure as hell gonna ask them soon so I have my ultimate future gift planned out!

Photo: Getty