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Matt Bocchi Was 9-Years-Old When He Lost His Dad In 9/11: Here Is His Story

19-years-ago, Matt Bocchi lost his father from the attack on The World Trade Center. His life has taken twists and turns since then, now written down in the his book 'Sway.'

"It has a double meaning," Bocchi explains to Elvis on our September 11th show, one meaning is "resembling when I went to visit the World Trade Center to my dads office," he explains that standing by the window "you can feel the building swaying in the wind." The second meaning he says it "what I went through and endured after, getting through life’s obstacles and eventually standing tall again and straight."

Bocchi was 9-years-old when it happened. He was in school and pulled out of his classroom to be informed that the building where his father works is in danger. After playing video games outside the classroom he was eventually brought back into the classroom where he saw one by one kids being taken out of class. "My mom kept us in school the whole day." However he explains when he got home "it was chaos."

Hope was held onto for a really long time in their house. "I called my dad's cellphone every day for the next few days... They came a week later and told us they found him and my life was shattered."

For years Bocchi says he was under the impression that his dad was a jumper, when in reality he found out his dad was in the staircase when the tower fell.

Hear more about Bocchi's journey through this day and his life as we remember 9/11 and be sure to order his book 'Sway' available here.

Photo: Matthew Bocchi