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Plymouth Police Raise Money To Save Animal From Meat Processing Plant

Jason L sent me this story and I don’t know if it’s the non-meat-eater in me or what but I am LOVING every element of this story!

Have you heard of Buddy the Beefalo? FIRST of all, a Beefalo is part bison, and part domestic cattle. And one has been wandering around northwest Connecticut for over a month!

This guy pushed his way out of a truck that brought him to a meat processing plant, and has been photographed exploring the woods.

The Plymouth Police have taken quite a liking to him. So much so, in fact, that they have been raising money to buy Buddy’s freedom, so he can live out the rest of his life in an animal sanctuary! They have already raised the $6,000 that the owner said Buddy could be purchased at, and any extra they make will go towards animal sanctuaries in Buddy’s name.

So if you know someone who doesn’t think animals should be treated with respect, show them this story. This animal was so headstrong that he successfully made a jail brake that saved his life!