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Neighbor Sets Up Obstacle Courses For 4-Year-Old Neighbor To Bike Through

Jennifer Tompkins sent me an ADORABLE story!

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Dave Palazzolo was getting alerts on his home security system EVERY NIGHT. And when he went to go check it out, it was always the same thing- a little kid about 4-years-old, biking around on his wide flat-paved driveway as his parents walked their dogs.

Now, during COVID I think we can agree most people are a little on edge- so most would expect Dave to “handle” this regular trespassing situation….which is exactly what he did.

One night Dave drew a racetrack on his driveway for this little boy to have more of a challenge! When he watched his camera footage and saw the kid really enjoyed it….he drew a new one, and soon another!

That pattern has been going on for WEEKS during this pandemic: Dave drawing various obstacle courses for this boy to race through, making them harder and harder with help from people on the internet.

He’s gotten to watch this boy improve his biking skills though these routes, and accidentally welcomed other neighbors of all different ages to come and join.

So if you’re biking around in Salt Lake City and see a racetrack chalked on a sidewalk, go ahead and drive through it. Dave will be happy you visited!

Photo: Getty