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NYC May Not Have Indoor Dining Until 2021, Mayor De Blasio Implies


Although indoor spaces like museums and bowling alleys are opening, we may be waiting a lot longer for our indoor dining options.

In a press conference this week Mayor de Blasio hinted that indoor dining would likely not return until 2021.

Despite no formal announcement, while answering a reporter’s question the mayor said: “If folks miss the theater, if they miss, you know, the indoor dining, those things will be back, they’ll be back next year at some point, I think that is overwhelmingly the case.”

With colder months closely approaching, New Yorkers are concerned at what restaurants are going to do. Indoor dining has resumed for most of New York State however was not allowed in NYC’s reopening plan by Governor Cuomo claiming safety concerns.

In this same press conference the mayor said they “don’t have a specific timeline because there’s such sensitivity around that sector.” He cited issues in other cities with indoor activities, saying, “Dr. Chokshi, Dr. Varma are both here, they will tell you that unfortunately, indoor dining, bars, restaurants, nightclubs have been the nexus for so many of the problems around the world, including some of the resurgence that you’re seeing in Europe and in Hong Kong right now.”

What will outdoor dining look like then for NYC as it gets colder. Heating lamps and people with blankets it seems....

Photo: Getty