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Comedian Anthony Rodia Calls Skeery Out For 'Italian' Accent

Comedian Anthony Rodia, best known for his character 'Uncle Vinny,' joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Zoom to talk all about his live virtual show tonight, August 28th and his beef with Skeery? Plus we play a clip of when he hilariously called into the show years ago imitating his dad.

Rodia, a first generation Italian-American, is best known for his impressions of his Italian family. "They like it," Rodia says about his family's thoughts on him doing comedy, "but now I'll go to relatives' houses and no one will talk to me!" He goes on to explain that members of his family don't want to say anything to him at a party that could be used later as an impression!

Before Rodia went into comedy he was calling into our show to do impressions. "I've been calling in since 2009," Rodia says talking about his time listening to our morning show, "I'd call in so frequently that my aunts thought I was part of the show!" After playing back a call from years ago with Rodia doing an impression of his dad, we all couldn't believe how funny he was even as just someone calling in for a topic.

Rodia then goes on to impersonate Skeery and his 'Italian/Brooklyn' accent.

Listen to Rodia's full interview with Elvis Duran below and be sure to catch one of his virtual live shows tonight! All the info here.