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Mailman Pens Beautiful Tribute To Neighbor's Dog That Passed Away

When we are going through something tragic, a lot of the time we just need someone to empathize with us. That alone helps validate our pain process in a very helpful way, that is what listener Simona Latino emailed me about.

Simona and her family unfortunately had to put down their dog Odie last week. It was a very hard decision, and has been the most awful experience, but she found an unexpected comfort in Amin Abu-Hussain- the man who has delivered their mail for years.

Odie and Amin had struck up a friendship over the past few years, so when she told Amin as he was walking up to their home, he was genuinely upset. So upset in fact, that he went home and posted a long tribute about this dog!

He wrote how Odie was one of his special friends who was always excited to see him, and would bark loudly with anticipation when he was as far as 6 houses down! Amin said he would always give him a little treat, and stay for head pats.

Really it’s a beautiful tribute, and has given Simona as much comfort as anyone else ins her life. And let this be a reminder that we can make special bonds with ANYONE we see often- be appreciative of your daily workers!

Photo: Simona Latino