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Garrett's Sister Is Donating Her Kidney To A Stranger For Their Mom

"Meet my little sister Ashley (@ashhhcashhhh)," Garrett writes with the photo above on Instagram. "Tomorrow she's doing something beyond courageous for our family and someone else. Ashley is donating a kidney to a complete stranger. All I ask is to send some good vibes and messages for her to read over the next few days. Little sister doing BIG THINGS!"

Tuesday morning, after surgery, Garrett's sister Ashley called into Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about giving her kidney and what comes next for their mom. "About a year ago we found out my mom had kidney disease," Garrett explains with Ashley on the phone, "Then it became the whole job of trying to find a donor." Ashley, Garrett's mom's youngest daughter, offered with no hesitation to donate her kidney. She was in fact a match but there were a few little things that didn't make it a complete match. "My mom would have been prone to infection [with Ashley's kidney]," explains Garrett, "the doctors said there was a good chance she'll die." The doctors explained if Ashley can donate her kidney to a stranger in turn they'll find a match for their mom.

Listen to Ashley's entire conversation with the morning show including if she'll ever meet up with the person she has donated her kidney to and what other things happened before and after surgery.