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Community Member Donates Skate Gear To Child Whose Dream Is To Skate

Listener Allison Botti lives in Akron, Ohio, and found this post on a community page that warmed her heart.

Matt Mihaly was at a local skate park, and he met the mother of a kid he sees there often. His name is Isiaah, and he looks like he’s maybe not even a teenager yet. Apparently, at this young age, he’s already been through the ringer. Matt wrote that the kid wouldn’t even look up at him.

His mother told Matt that all he wanted to do was skate, but Matt noticed Isiaah’s skateboard was barely ridable at all! SO, he went a few blocks over to his home, went in his garage, and brought Isiaah back a beautiful, perfect condition skateboard!

He said the boy’s mother was just crying thanking him, and it was the first time he saw Isiaah smile. He’s been back at the park every day since, AND thanks to the attention Matt brought him, community members have given him shoes of all sizes (for him to grow into), a helmet, and even more skateboards for when this one is worn down! NOT TO MENTION Matt got over $400 in donations for him. WOW!

Matt truly did set this kid up to follow his dream, and for that, he is my saint of the day.

Photo: Getty