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Producer Sam Takes Us Through 30 Things You Must Do Before TUrning 30

Producer Sam is turning 30 this weekend! Avery exciting, milestone, birthday for her! When you turn this age many people like to reflect on what they have done in their 20's or before. Elvis Duran and the Morning Show decided to take Sam through this list ""30 empowering things every woman should do before she turns 30" by Glamour Magazine. For a full explanation of the list you can see it in the original article here. Plus listen to Sam's breakdown through most of the list below!

1. Stop worrying about your age

2. Get educated in something you love doing

3. Face a fear

4. Step out of your comfort zone

5. Take on a physical challenge

6. Go on a blind date

7. Experience culture shock

8. Begin journaling

9. Do some self-reflection

10. Overcome heartbreak

11. Get your adrenaline pumping

12. Create something

13. Fail at something

14. Break a bad habit

15. Take up an unusual hobby

16. Get a complete makeover

17. Fight for something you're passionate about

18. Live overseas

19. Read a life-changing book

20. Slum it

21. Do something for charity

22. See your favorite band or singer play live

23. Travel alone

24. Unplug for a weekend

25. Begin practicing self-love

26. Make amends with anyone you hold a grudge against

27. Practise gratitude

28. Start saying affirmations

29. Develop a morning routine

30. Write your own list of what you want to do before turning 30

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