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2-Year-Old Obsessed With Trash Gets Birthday Surprise From Sanitation Work

A listener with the alias of Q Smith sent me a story that is kind of absurdly adorable.

Cooper Ashley, a toddler from Northeastern Oklahoma, is obsessed with trash. And I mean it- he loves garbage. He takes the garbage out with is parents and waves bye bye to it, he thinks garbage trucks are the coolest vehicles, and for MONTHS he has been brightening every Monday morning for the sanitation workers on his route.

He will insist on going outside, gets SO excited when he sees the truck turn the corner, and he will enthusiastically wave hi. He even brings out bottles of water for them some mornings!

Well, Cooper just turned 2-years-old, and the trash obsessed kids got a thank you from his heroes.

His parents threw him a “Trash Bash” themed party, where he got gifts like model garbage trucks and personalized trash cans, but the cherry on top came from his local sanitation workers. Several garbage trucks rolled up to his house, honking their horns, and they all got out to give Cooper birthday presents.

One of the sanitation workers said Coopers joy brings joy to what they do, so this is just a little reminder to be as appreciative as Cooper is when it comes to these people in our lives. We take these jobs for granted, and if they weren’t around, I am sure we would be as happy as this 2-year-old to see them again!

For a full video of the adorableness go here.