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You Can Now Bid On Gandhi's Art Piece To Benefit Cookies For Kids Cancer

Gandhi has created a wonderful masterpiece of art to benefit Cookies 4 Kids Cancer.

We had Gretchen Witt on from the organization to talk about the art auction that kicks off at 9am ET on August 20th. "The art auction is really a labor of love," says Witt to Elvis Duran Thursday morning just before the auction. "It is just amazing."

In this year's auction there are 65 artists included and 73 art pieces. Whether it's photography, classical art, modern art, there is something for everyone! Including a piece from our very own Gandhi (photograph of the painting above). Witt tells Elvis that "hospitals tend to have a lot of art hanging up." Art, she says, gives you the ability to day dream.

More information on the auction and Cookies 4 Kids Cancer is available here.