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Danielle's Dad Came To Visit In Her Dream Last Night

Danielle Monaro lost her father last November. Since then there have been many times she felt his presence, "He always sends me signs that he's ok," says Monaro to the rest of the morning show.

However, Danielle expressed that her sister is always getting dreams about him talking to her and Danielle was rather jealous of that. Then the most amazing thing happened. Danielle's father Roy came to her in a dream. "The other night he came to me in a dream," she recalls, "and he opened his arms and he just hugged me." Danielle says the only thing he said in the dream was "It has been so long since I was able to hug you like this."

"I didn't want to let go," Danielle reveals to the morning show, "It was just so real." Danielle said after that she called everyone in her family. Listen to Danielle telling the entire story and hear from some of our listeners with similar stories below!