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Miley Cyrus Wants To Write ‘Realistic’ Children Books

Miley Cyrus is coming and we're getting new music from her! Her song Midnight Sky premiered at midnight and she's celebrating by going on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about it.

"So I only wrote this song 6 weeks ago," Cyrus tells Elvis Duran, "The only reason I was able to produce it so fast and get it to my fans is: one we’ve had a lot of time and two all I did was eat sleep and breathe this project." Cyrus goes on to explain that there have been stories going around the Internet and through other forms of media that she wanted to clear up. "There was a narrative about me being told and I wanted to take control of that narrative.... I wanted to articulate it properly and there was no rush."

After briefly talking about the pandemic and this scary time we're living in, Cyrus mentions that is has also been a time of reflection, unlearning and re-writing. She also asks herself what is means to say forever and ever, "We gotta start allowing some detachment from the word forever," Cyrus says. She tells Elvis that she wants to "write realistic children stories," explaining how she doesn't like the idea of a 'best friend forever.' She says, "This idea of forever and that you’re a failure if your forever isn’t successful..... It’s really setting people up for mental health issues and for some depression." She continues, "I know I really struggled with it when I thought I would be with someone forever and it was labeled to me that I was a failure - which by the way it takes two people to make forever work but i know that I’m the only one who ever does anything wrong but..... I had to unlearn my relationship to the word forever, I try to avoid it."

Cyrus goes on to explain how she will explain to kids where babies come from in these 'realistic children books' and Danielle Monaro gives examples of how she wasn't realistic to her son's about certain things growing up.

Cyrus also talks about the future saying she "would really like to write, direct and produce films." She even mentioned working with Dua Lipa in the studio recently, "I wrote down for her all the lenses you do and don’t want to use." She explains that directing this music video for Midnight Sky helped her learn a lot from how she doesn't want to be and how she does want to be. "I definitely jumped into the deep end," Cyrus says about directing the video, "and I’m really happy I could swim."

Watch Miley Cyrus' full interview with Elvis Duran below as well as check out her new single Midnight Sky out now!