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86-Year-Old Navy Veteran Life Was Saved By His Chihuahua Dog

This Feel Goods right here is why we do NOT deserve dogs!

Boo-Boo the chihuahua was with her human, 86-year-old Navy veteran Rudy Armstrong on their houseboat in North Carolina.

It started as just a normal day, Rudy was drinking his coffee, when seemingly suddenly, time just jumped ahead!

Rudy was on the floor, and couldn’t get his hands or his feet to move at all- he realized he was having a stroke! Not being able to call for help, and not wanting to be one of those poor souls who are found days after a tragedy, he actually asked his dog for help!

Lassie style, he said, “Ok Boo-Boo, go get me some help,” and she DID! She RAN outside and got the Dockmaster’s attention and head him to Rudy!

It’s been 5 days and this duo was just reunited! Rudy was actually crying when he got to hold his Boo-Boo again. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP!

Photo: Getty