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How You Can Master Teaching This Year, Whatever That May Look Like

Our engineer Jeff Smith's wife Heather is a veteran middle and high school social studies teacher, and a mother of two elementary school children. When U.S. schools abruptly shut their doors in March of 2020, and education went online, she found herself navigating technology, lesson planning, assessing and social emotional well-being that she thought she was unprepared to handle. After much reflection and self-analysis, she realized that she already had the tools to overcome this new education. Furthermore, every professional development fad over the last few decades had been preparing her for this new educational model.

This book gives the reader an intimate, unfiltered look into the sharp learning curve of Heather’s experiences as a teacher and as a homeschooling mom. The book began as a self-analysis as a first step in preparing for the upcoming school year, but as Heather continued reflecting, she started to realize that she already had the tools to tackled whatever is to come. She wanted to share her methodology in the hope that it will not only give other educators confidence that they too already have the tools, but also to help guide them in their own self-evaluations to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.

Her book: Mastering the New Education: Whatever That May Be is available on Amazon NOW! You can purchase your own copy here. You can also listen to her entire conversation with Elvis Duran below!

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