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267-Pound Hog Was Sold And Re-donated 5 Times To Raise Money For Young Boy

This submission from Rachel Mayle had me tearing up yesterday.

This weekend in Lisbon, Ohio, Columbiana County had its Junior Fair, where kids from the area show off the beautiful animals they have raised on their own, and sells them at auction.This is a big day for any young participant, but for Tyler Beadnell, it was a HUGELY important day.

His father has been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer, and the expenses have been unimaginable. At one point, his father was even on life support for 10 days! And although thankfully that part of the battle is behind the family, there is still a lot to worry about.

So, just days before the fair, Tyler told his mom that he wanted all the proceeds from his sale to go to his dad and the family’s financial struggle. Now, here’s where I started crying: in the video, the MC explains what’s going on in his life and Tyler starts to get a little emotional as he holds up a picture of his father. The bidding takes off, the hog is purchased, and then the seller donates it back to go up for auction again. And then again, and then again.

This 267-pound hog was sold and re-donated 5 times, raising Tyler a total of about $26,000.

What an incredible young man, and what a way to really earn money to help take care of your family!!!

If you would like to donate to Tyler, here is the link for his GoFundMe.