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Seniors Are Recreating Iconic Movies For Calendar

Today we shine a light on Jennifer Angell, who is the community relations director at Spiritwood Assisted Living, in Washington State.

So Jennifer is always trying to take care of the spirit of her residents and a while back, had a stroke of GENIUS!

She came up with a project that not only raises money for the battle against Alzheimer’s, but brightens the day of every resident - she picks a theme for a calendar (last year it was Hollywood movies), and personally does the hair/makeup/prop work for every photo!

Last years took 4 months to shoot and produce because THAT is how much care she puts into the process! The seniors truly do look like superstars in these photos- from the characters of Wayne’s World to The Blues Brothers, it’s no wonder the first calendar raised $14,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association!

A rep from the assisted living said, “the annual resident calendars bring so much joy to not only the residents but their families. They feel good about participating in something that makes them feel so special and to be contributing by helping raise money for such a worthy cause.”

The photos for next year aren’t available just yet, but the theme is “Iconic Figures,” so think Sonny and Cher, Andy Warhol, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

For all the calendar info click here.