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Danielle Receives Sign From Her Late Father Leading To Touching Story

Danielle Monaro lost her father last fall. Since then, Danielle has felt him bring her signs at thing's like her son's soccer game and other things. This weekend, Danielle felt her dad send her a message about church.

"I've been watching church online," Danielle begins her story, "I feel like my dad really wants to watch church." So with that, Danielle lit a candle and took some photos of her dad over to the computer to watch the church. "I put him right at the computer with me."

During her time watching church, she noticed all these people doing the readings with these shirts on. Turns out they were the 'Knights of Columbus." Danielle explains how her dad was huge in the Knights of Columbus saying, "He knew the was going to be part of the mass today and he wanted to see them." She concludes, "I felt that he sent me this sign that he wanted to be part of this all."

Listen below to Danielle's entire story of how she got a message from her dad and other stories from today's show like Straight Nate's lazy eye and why Froggy called his wife Lisa 'Blanche.'