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Amazing Dog Donates Blood To Help Other Animals In Need

Listener Laura Brady sent me a Feel Goods about her life-saving dog, Gus!

Her she her husband both work in an ER in San Diego. They care for people on their worst days, and constantly see people who benefit from others donating blood. So since they don’t have any children to teach the values of donation to, they thought they would instead teach their fur baby!

Dogs (and cats) ALSO need their lives to be saved from others of their kind, and so once every 6 weeks Gus will donate his doggy blood!

It’s a very safe and fast process, Gus got a physical first to make sure it was safe for him to become part of the donation club, and now when he goes he gets spoiled ROTTEN by the vet techs and he is actually happy to see them when he goes in!

Laura wanted me to remind everyone that pets need help just like we do and for pretty much the same reasons, and that to please consider asking their vet about donating! He is a little extra tired the day it happens, and she said they are wildly proud of him every single time. Help keep the blood banks stocked!

Photo/Permission: Laura Brady