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How Do You Pronounce The Word 'Squirrel'

Danielle's husband Sheldon joined us on Zoom and on the show this morning to talk about his heated debate with Danielle the night before about a vegetable peeler.

Sheldon wanted peeled cucumbers, but Danielle said she wouldn't peel them with a knife. She would only peel the cucumbers if she had a peeler. After much debate on the topic, Danielle did in fact order a peeler online and NOT cut the cucumbers without it. This led to her telling Sheldon he buys crazy things all the time. For example, the picnic table for squirrels that Sheldon bought at the beginning of quarantine. This led to a much needed argument on how to say the word 'squirrel.'

Do you say it like Sheldon or Skeery or NEITHER? Listen below and let us know in the comments!

Photo: Getty