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Jacksonville News Anchor, Vic Micolucci, Describes His COVID-19 Symptoms

Vic Micolucci is on day 10 of having COVID-19. In his 10 days of having the virus, the news anchor for News4JAX in Jacksonville, Florida, says hundreds of people have reached out to him saying they thought they were alone.

"It's a terrible thing, but let’s talk about it. I’m a 32-year-old guy, I love being social, and it hit me like a ton of bricks," Micolucci tells Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Thursday July 30th. "It came on very quickly," he continues, "and it just goes to show this thing is very real.... it came out of nowhere."

The first moment Micolucci realized he had the virus was when he woke up one morning. "I woke up not feeling great and my body was telling me something is off." He says within a few hours, a friend he was with three days before texted him saying 'I'm positive.' The thing is, Micolucci was tested for a segment on his show that morning and the test came back negative. "It just wasn't enough to be detected yet," Micolucci says. However, just a few hours later he felt terrible. So terrible that he couldn't even get in his car and drive across town to get tested.

Micolucci lives a fairly healthy lifestyle, but the virus STILL hit him really hard. "They say I had a mild case, but mild is not great... it's not an easy thing to get through." It may be considered mild, but even on day 10 Micolucci who was hiking 10 miles a day just two weeks ago, is still having a difficult time walking up and down stairs. Even the first four days of the virus he couldn't even get himself to watch TV in bed or listen to music "my body was so out of it."

Every person deals with the virus differently and there is not timeline, but Micolucci is hoping by day 14 he will be feeling better. He has several friends on the same 'virus timeline' he is on. Some have tried to get up and walk around the house, but then fall back a few hours later.

Right now he is trying to be there to support others who currently have or had the virus, people who may be afraid to tell their experience. You can listen to Micolucci's full interview with Elvis Duran below.