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Farmer Asks Facebook For Truck To Help Donate Potatoes To Food Bank

My boyfriend William showed me this story and it’s wonderful, because when people are going hungry in our cities, food waste is an absolute tragedy.

An average guy named George Ahearn heard that due to COVID, farmers in Washington state were losing a lot of crops. Restaurants weren’t buying as much locally, and lots of food was being given away/going bad.

So, George had an idea- he decided these foods would obviously be better served going to food banks, which are also in great need, so he went on Facebook and asked if someone would lend him a truck for the day so he could haul 2,000 pounds of onions and potatoes to food banks in Seattle.

The response was ABSURD! He was immediately given 4 trucks and 2 trailers, someone donated wooden food crates to him so that the food banks would be able to accept the donation, and all of this goodness accidentally turned into a new nonprofit called EastWest Food Rescue.

In the past few months he has expanded from onions and potatoes to saving fruits, milk, and eggs, has been able to save over 2.4 million pounds of crops, AND through donations to the charity has collected enough donations to help a lot of these farmers with their loss of sales!