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Man Wins The Lottery Jackpot And Shares It With His Best Friend

This is a story that our own Danielle Monaro would fully approve of.

Two best friends in Wisconsin- Tom Cook and Joe Feeney- they are two older looking gentlemen, however still in the work force, and they made a pact in 1992. If one of them won the Powerball jackpot, no matter the circumstance, they would share the winnings.

Well. Guess. What.Tom just won for a $22 MILLION DOLLAR JACKPOT!

The best friend in the entire world immediately made good on his promise, and called his friend Joe to say “we” won, but Joe (whom is an avid fishermen) couldn’t believe it! He said, “are you jerking my bobber?!”

The odds of them winning that jackpot were about 1 in 300 million, and they freaking did it. Tom gave his 2 week’s notice, and retired from work. Neither of them has very extravagant plans with their winnings but the pair have taken road trips together along with their wives, so they are looking forward to doing more of that in an upgraded vehicle!

Who wants to make a lottery pact with me?!