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Couple Travels 3 Hours To Help An 80-Year-Old Man Who Was Lost

SO many people sent me this beautiful story coming out of Woodhull, Illinois, about Elton Hood and his fiancé Tracy.

The two were at a rest stop and met an 80-year-old man named Dennis. This poor man was walking around trying to decode a piece of paper with directions written on it- turns out he was on his was to see his son in Wisconsin all the way from Arizona, and had not seen his son in 19 years!

Elton wanted to make sure Dennis got there safely so he took the time to write out new directions (because the cutie didn’t know how to use his GPS), AND gave him his cell saying to call if he needed any more help.

Well, 15 minutes later Dennis called and was lost again. So Elton and Tracy told him to pull over and wait for them….because they decided they were going to make the over 3 hour trip to guide him to his son’s house!

They drove the entire way with his truck shortly behind, and made sure this man was reunited with his son. They are the PUREST kind of good people!