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Do You Have The Traits For A Modern Man?

Do you have the traits of a modern man? Straight Nate felt like he could check off everything on this list whereas Skeery is struggling to check some off.

From a current poll, here are a list of traits that could define the 'modern man.'

  1. Fair share of the cleaning
  2. Talk openly about your feelings
  3. If your boss was a woman you’d be fine about it
  4. You can discuss your mental health
  5. You’re a good listener
  6. You’re great with kids
  7. You’re openly affectionate
  8. You’d be fine with being a stay at home dad
  9. You don’t always feel the need to put on a brave face
  10. You stand up against racism and prejudice
  11. You aren’t afraid to discuss the environment

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