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7-Year-Old Surprised With Over 100 Dogs For His Birthday

This submission from Kim Hills is my new dream birthday party.

Theo Rensberger was turning 7, and his mom Melody (just like any COVID time parents) was trying to find a special way to celebrate him. He has spina bifida, which is a spinal birth defect, and is OBSESSED with dogs. He tries to meet as many as possible, and the family doesn’t have one of their own.

So, Melody had a brilliant idea! She took to social media asking anyone in their area of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin if they would come visit with their dog on Theo’s birthday, expecting about 15 or 20 dogs to show up throughout the day. She even bought a few treats for Theo to hand out to the dogs.

Instead, over 100 dogs showed up in just a handful of hours! People were so happy to do this for Theo that some drove from about an hour away, others changed their work schedule, and some even borrowed dogs.

His mom said, “I am so grateful for the privilege of being surrounded by strangers who jump at the change to care for my son.”

How sweet!