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Aunt Has To Help Deliver Her Own Niece In Surprising Story

Fawn Moro sent me a beautiful story, about something crazy wonderful that just happened to her Aunt, Amanda Taylor Moriarty.

Aunt Amanda has one of the most impressive jobs in the world, she is a doula! So, she is trained in the magic of childbirth and that entire baby delivery process.

Well Amanda and her pregnant sister Heidi were having their annual camping trip, when Heidi unexpectedly went into labor! The sisters RUSHED to the car to get Heidi to the hospital, but the little nugget was super excited to meet the world. Thank GOODNESS for Amanda’s job because she got to deliver her own sister’s baby in the parking lot of the camp grounds!

The photo is from Amanda’s Facebook page, where she is holding her new nephew Grant. Tears in her eyes, some bodily fluids on her arms, but ultimately a very happy photo of her and her special delivery. Way to go Aunt Amanda!!!!