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Community Comes Together For 12-Year-Old Girl With Stage 4 Brain Cancer

So COVID has brought plans to a halt for the entire world, pretty much. However I’m going to go out on a limb and say these last few month have been more meaningful a time to some, than others.

Like 12-year-old Olivia Parker and her family, from Naperville, Illinois. This sweet girl was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer back in 2018, she and her mother were supposed to take a trip to Paris, which has always been Olivia’s dream.

Well, when her community learned that the trip had to be canceled, they decided to bring Paris to her!

When she got home the other day, her street and several others had been totally transformed by what looks like maybe hundreds of people. The streets were decorated in lights, there were vendors set up, boutiques, flower shops, bakeries, a copy of the Eiffel tower (slightly smaller than the real one, but you know, make it work!), there was even live music! Olivia was taken on a tour through her Paris dreams on a horse drawn carriage, and at night they all enjoyed actual fireworks.

I have no idea how the town planned this- I’ve never seen something set up to be quite so extravagant before. BUT I am so happy for Olivia and her family that they now have these beautiful memories, and applaud everyone involved!