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Neighborhood In Pennsylvania Works Together To Find Missing Dog

I got a submission from dog dad Scott Schafer, who wanted me to thank his neighborhood of Malvern, Pennsylvania, who helped keep him and his wife sane during their worst nightmare.

3 weeks ago, he was taking his skittish dog Parker to the vet, when Parker FREAKED OUT and managed to wiggle backwards out of his harness! Quicker than Scott could stop him, he took off running in the streets.

He and his wife wasted no time trying to find him- they put up flyers, took off days of work to search the neighborhood, and although they weren’t having much luck on their own, their community really stepped in.

Scott said he was getting calls from strangers constantly, and those phone calls are what stopped his family from falling apart. Some were calling to inform they were starting search teams, some just wanted to see how they were doing, and FINALLY last night….. a woman called that he was in her yard! By the time they got there, Parker jumped into his sister’s arms, and the family is thankfully complete again. He’s in perfect health, and is happy to be home.

Moral of the story? Share those missing pet flyers you see in your neighborhood! You just might be the one who saves the day!