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Who On The Show Is Breathing So Loud?

Yesterday one of our listeners sent out this tweet: "I love you all deeply but yesterdays 15 min podcast all I could focus on was someone breathing in the background I was ready to throw my phone." Elvis Duran replied to listener Eddie saying, "let's get to the bottom of this!" And that's just what we did on today's 15 Minute Morning Show.

Our show today also broke down what irks us about Gandhi! Yesterday on our show a listener said she was listening to past morning shows and listened to one of Gandhi's first shows where she breaks down first opinions or annoyances of the cast of the show. So Gandhi was asked to go around the room, now that she's out of the honeymoon phase, and tell everyone what annoys her. Now on today's 15 Minute Morning Show, the show members had to do the same to her.

Froggy says she squeezes animals too tight, Brody says he gets angry at how she doesn't get angry about the online trolls and Elvis says he admires how she sticks to her guns!

Watch the entire 15 Minute Morning Show above!