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6-Year-Old Is Real Life Superhero After Saving Little Sister From Dog

Warning Graphic Image Below Article

I have gotten a TON of messages over this story, so I have to feature America’s 6-year-old superhero named Bridger Walker.

This boy was walking with his little sister, when the dog (of a family they knew) LUNGED to attack her. Thankfully for her, Bridger’s instincts are on POINT, because he jumped in front of his sister to protect her, and was bitten in the face several times!

He waited for the dog to let go completely, grabbed his sister’s hand, and ran for safety. He probably saved her life because these bites on his face were BAD, he had to get about 90 stitches!

When his aunt Nicole asked him about the encounter, he said “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

His bravery has caught the attention of celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Octavia Spencer, and many more. Thankfully he’s doing MUCH better, and in lieu of a GoFundMe collection, his family asks people instead donate to the Wounded Warrior Project or Mission 22. However if you’d like to send him a gift, he’s a lover of geology and loves his interesting rocks! Send those and well wishes here:

Bridger Walker

P.O. Box 22141

Cheyenne, WY 82003