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What Irritates Gandhi About Us?

On one of Gandhi's first ever 15 Minute Morning Shows, she went around the room and gave her initial remarks about the group and vice versa. First impressions are tough, but the show was still in the 'honeymoon phase.'

Several 15 Minute Morning Shows later and we are asking Gandhi now that it's been awhile and the honey moon phase is far from over, is there anything now that irritates her about us? Well here's her breakdown below:

Froggy: He doesn’t irritate me, it’s just that we argue about politics, but we do it in a respectful way.

Skeery: I love Skeery, I would say the only thing is I can tell when his brain shifts and he stops listening to what we’re saying. 'His mind goes into suspension’ - Elvis adds.

Danielle: Danielle won’t get a new phone. She sits and yells at her phone all the time, she won’t give in!

Nate: Serves up a poop sandwich, aka the compliment sandwich where he gives you something nice then tells you something negative and then coats it with niceness again.

Brody: He never says he’s wrong.... ever!