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Family Leaves $1,000 Tip For Their Favorite NJ Restaurant

There’s a restaurant in Ocean Grove, NJ called “The Starving Artist,” and a mystery family are loyal customers there. They go every summer.

Well, the family just had a $43 breakfast, and left without saying a word, but they did leave a very nice message.

It read (and I paraphrase), “Thank you so much for working through this tough time. We are grateful for your warm smiles, and we appreciate you all very much. It wouldn’t be a good summer without you.” And attached to the note? A $1,000 tip!!!

The family requested that the tip money be divided between the entire staff. When the waitress saw it, she started crying. Then another waitress went over to her, and she started crying. Then the owner walked over, and he started crying! They said they aren’t bringing in half of what they normally do this year, and the gesture really helped give them faith.

The moral of the story? TIP WELL!!! Dinner, breakfast, takeout, ordering app, it doesn’t matter. Tip your help, we may need them but they need us!