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Man Makes Over 600 Trips To Supermarket To Help Those Amid COVID19

Melinda Hickerty sent me today’s Feel Goods, shining a light on Greg Daily.

He had 2 jobs at the start of this whole pandemic: 1) He owned a picture frame shop, and 2) he delivered newspapers!

One day while he was at the grocery store, one of his senior customers called him and asked if he’d drop the paper off closer to her house, to make it easier for her. Of course he agreed, and then to be polite asked if she needed anything while he was out shopping.

She was SO thankful, gave him a couple requests, and then a few minutes later called back with a request from her elderly neighbor across the street!

Greg was so happy to help, that he included a little note in all 800 of his customer’s papers, offering to help if they were unable to get the supplies they needed.

With the help of his family and an organized system, to this day, Greg has made over 600 trips to the grocery store, delivering the goods for free, saying the last three months have changed his life.

He can reopen his framing store on the 15th but pledged to continue helping his seniors, because he would love for them to remain an important part of his life moving forward.