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70-Year-Old Vender Is Shocked When Community Comes Together To Help Him

I’m not sure if anyone saw this story, but it’s a 2-parter.

In Chicago on Father’s Day, a Southeast side vendor named Don Rosario was pushing his ice pop cart around, which he’s been doing in the same area for 50 years. This man is 70!

Well, he took the right route that day, because when we rolled past the Gonzalez-Dominguez family’s outside gathering, he decided to buy his entire inventory so he could go home and be with his family! There was a video of that, it immediately went viral, but the group decided that was not enough.

This man is 70 and has worked very hard, every day. Plus- it’s not uncommon for street vendors to be attacked and robbed because people know they usually have cash on them.

So in efforts to keep him safe and allow him to enjoy his senior years, as any man his age should have the ability to, they started a GoFundMe for him. Which, in under 24 hours, raised $39,305!!!!!

Donors came together from over 40 states, they are currently working to get the money to Don, and as one of the fundraisers said, “When we all come together, we can do something great for others.”