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9-Year-Olds Raise Almost $100,000 For Small Businesses

There is a group of 6 good-hearted people in Minneapolis, who were tired of seeing all the suffering going on in their community at the end of last month, and wanted to help.

First local small businesses were hit hard due to COVID. Then, looting and damage came to many. So, Kamryn Johnson and a few friends decided that with their free time, they might as well try to raise funds to help these businesses, as well as locals whom are in basic need.

They started a bracelet company, and since May 30th, have managed to raise almost $100,000. The kicker to all of this? These people…..are only 9 years old!!!!!

Kamryn and her friends were bored, and ended up starting the company “Kamryn & Friends: Bracelets for Unity and Justice”! They made $800 the first day and in one of the photos posted, you can see Kamryn and a couple friends literally have bandages on their fingers from working so hard. Now, her dad is former NFL player Ron Johnson, so that publicity sure has helped the business.

They sell their bracelets for $5 but people are paying up to $100 to support the cause, and many are simply donating to their GoFundMe which as of last night was over $47,000 in!

But beyond the money raised, Ron said the most important thing to come out of this is the impactful conversations with community members. Apparently so many people have come over to drop off supplies and just talk about things like racism and injustice, and before this we wouldn’t have those conversations very often!

Way to go Kamryn! You can donate to their GoFundMe here.