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Fire Department Saves 6 Ducklings Stuck Down A Storm Drain

Mary Glantz was SO excited to send me a story coming out of her small town of Sheridan, Wyoming, and it’s shining a light on Laurel Rogers.

This caring woman was out in town for a normal day, when she noticed a duck on the side of the road. That doesn’t sound very unusual at first but Laurel is apparently a very maternal person and felt that something was off, so she went over to investigate, and was right!

This duck started quacking like crazy and was doing a little dance around a storm drain, where Laurel leaned over and saw 6 tiny little ducklings stuck down there!

She then stood between the mamma duck and the passing cars to make sure she didn’t get run over, while someone called the fire department to come help.

The rescue looks ADORABLE from the photos, Laurel even got to hold a few of the little babies in her shirt. Which is now a dream of mine- rescue little ducklings but get to cuddle with them before freedom.

They were released into a nearby creek, safe and sound. Thank you Laurel for paying attention to what’s going on around you, you may have saved 7 duck lives!