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Teacher Notices A Struggling Student And What He Does Next Is Amazing

Kaya Twomey sent me this story and it brought a tear to my eye.

If you think back on your high school graduation, I’m sure you recall it being a very important and emotional day for you. Well, Bessemer City High School in Alabama recently had its graduation ceremony.

While cleaning up at the very end, teacher Dominique Moore noticed one of his students was still hanging around, completely alone.

When he asked where his family was, the student just said, “Nobody’s here.” The kid didn’t even have a ride home. So Moore decided not to ask any more personal questions, he just said, “I expect big things from you and it’s going to be okay.” 

Then he took the student out for a celebratory lunch at The Cheesecake Factory so he could feel celebrated (as deserved), where he said he held back tears the entire time.

AFTER the lunch, Moore said he usually keeps helping students to himself, but something didn’t sit right with the student’s vibe, so he started a collection for the student on his Facebook page, and quickly raised $5,000 to help with whatever specific trouble he’s currently dealing with.

Thank you to Moore and to all teachers, who not only worry about their students’ grades, but their well being.