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Drink Wine While Supporting A Great Cause: Here's How

Meet Terry Hogan. Terry Horgan, 24, is suffering from a rare form of muscular dystrophy. His brother Richard created a nonprofit called Cure Rare Disease through which he is working with a geneticist at Yale who is spearheading research into a cure through a gene-editing technique called CRISPR.

We discovered Terry when Elvis Duran saw him on The Today Show Thursday, wearing an Elvis Duran Show t-shirt! That is when we decided to invite Terry and his brother into our Zoom room, the first time a listener has ever done so.

While on the call, Richard mentions a new way of fundraising with wine! All proceeds from the sales of wine will go directly to CRD's 'continuous efforts to advance research to treat rare, genetic diseases.' You can look into buying their red blend and chardonnay here.

"This is a non profit, we don’t have a huge Bill Gates behind us, but we’re fortunate to all of our supporters." Richard continues, "We are about a quarter of a million dollars short from getting Terry’s treatment done."

By donating to Cure Rare Disease you are not only helping Terry, but other people with rare diseases. For more information on Terry, listen below! You can also donate to CRD here.