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2-Legged Dog Sits Outside With Inspirational Posters

What’s better than a dog with 4 legs? A dog with 2!

Kim Coleman reached out to tell me about her double amputee Border Collie named Austin, who (with the help of her husband Ed) shares inspirational signs outside their front yard every day, to bring some extra joy to the community during COVID.

Austin the 2-legged Border Collie will also post the signs on his Instagram (@TheAustinRoo) daily, while standing in front of the poster, which I think is very considerate to those of us who don’t live nearby hahaha!

Kim said they first put up these signs casually not thinking too much of it, but the response has been wonderful! Neighbors will stop them saying they go out of their way to pass their house to read the sign, and Ed even received a thank you from an anonymous neighbor, explaining how she us a nurse and mother and how hard working through COVID had been for her. She said the signs actually do motivate her on the way out to work!

They know it’s a small gesture, but those matter very much these days. Thank you to Kim, Ed, and Austin!