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Virginia Librarian Delivers Books By Drone Amid Coronavirus

Phillis Reznick sent me a story that BLEW my mind.

Amusement parks have been closed, theaters are closed, libraries are closed, a lot of common local places where kids would go to get some extra entertainment this time of year.

So, Virginia librarian Kelly Passek had maybe one of the most genius COVID ideas yet. She wants to see the kids in her community still have books to keep them occupied, and so Kelly figured she can deliver them BY DRONE!

She said, “as a school librarian, it is extremely important to me to have connections with my students, so that I can make sure that they have got access to the resources that they need and that will allow them to be successful. Not just academically, but in life!”

Kelly had the genius idea that “Wing,” the drone service she uses to get essentials delivered to her door, could bring the kids these books. Students request to take out a library book using an online form, she fills out the requests, and packs the books in special delivery boxes and Wing does the delivering. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!